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Despite early signs of growing cross-party cooperation, Pakistan continues to be beset by political disagreement. Hina Shaikh (IGC) discusses the importance of developing new forums for political debate and cooperation if evidence-based policymaking is to succeed in Pakistan in her blog here.
Why is it so hard for the government to take a clear policy stance on Yemen? Read Dr. Ijaz Nabi’s (Chairman CDPR) take on the issue here.
Umair Javed (CDPR Affiliate) reviews “Conflict Management and Vision for a Secular Pakistan” by Moonis Ahmar. Read the article in Herald here.
The world needs an action plan to fulfil the post-2015 agenda. Dr. Homi Kharas (CDPR Fellow) posits that such an action plan will have to be built upon country-specific plans, to incorporate the broader elements of the sustainable development goals framework, into national and even sub-national strategies and budgets. View this blog here.
Umair Javed (CDPR Affiliate) suggests the politics of the nineties is back upon us and so is military power. Read the article in Herald here.
In his article published in Newsweek, Dr. Ijaz Nabi (Chairman CDPR) states trade between India and Pakistan is imperative for economic growth. View article here.
Dr. Homi Kharas (CDPR Fellow) questions whether East Asian countries suffer the same fate as Latin American countries did post WWII? He discusses how Asian countries could get trapped in the middle income status and ways they can avoid it. View article here.
Dr. Ijaz Nabi (Chairman CDPR) reviews “Criconomics: Everything you wanted to know about ODI cricket and more” by Surjit S Bhalla and Ankur Choudhary in Herald’s book review section titled “The numbers game”. View article here.
Dr. Ijaz Nabi (Chairman CDPR) discusses the importance of a longer term strategic vision for a large and vibrant Asian market in “The Hindu”. View article here.