Fatima Habib The Global Garments Value Chain is Changing

Garments exports have historically been a driver of growth in a number of late developing countries, such as Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. This policy brief highlights that the key lesson offered by these countries’ experience is that value-addition, through innovation, is necessary before participating in global value-chains to reap economic gains. This requires the absorption of and ability to utilize the latest technology in an environment that generates skilled labour, remains corruption-free, has fair opportunities of access to credit, and offers provision of adequate infrastructure.

Zara Salman Innovation in the textile sector of Pakistan

Innovation and competitiveness are considered to be the backbone of private sector led economic growth and its sustainability. However, in Pakistan, very little is known about the nature and the extent of innovation as well as its determinants and obstacles. In the absence of such evidence, policies can be misdirected and ineffective. This policy brief, based on a study by Dr. Azam Chaudhry and Dr. Waqar Wadho (both Lahore School of Economics) highlights both the technological and the non-technological aspects of innovation.

Attique-ur-Rehman and Usman Naeem Mapping Economic Activity in Rural Punjab

This policy brief is based on a project that created an electronic database along with a spatial map at the census ward/ cluster level for the 2.9 million industrial and commercial units in the Punjab province (identified during the recent Census of Small and Cottage Industries (2011-13).

Zara Salman The Textiles and Garments Sector: Moving Up the Value Chain

Garment manufacturing, the least energy and capital-intensive kind of industrial activity, is not realising its potential in Pakistan to grow the economy and create employment. This policy brief emphasises that in order to unlock the benefits of garments manufacturing on Pakistan’s economy, it must move up the value chain and compete in global export markets.


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