Jacob Shapiro and Saad Gulzar Political Violence in Pakistan: Myths vs. Realities

The study argues for a data- driven approach in answering challenges posed by political violence. It uses incident level data to examine the scale, scope, and geographic distribution of political violence in Pakistan. Evidence suggests that there has not been a fundamental change in the patterns of political violence in the core population centres of Pakistan. However, the recent increase in violence in FATA, KPK, and Balochistan, are uncharacteristic of their historical patterns.

Anjum Altaf Interaction of Labour Law and Economic Growth- Case Study of Sheikhupura, Pakistan

This project is part of the portfolio of projects undertaken on aspects of economic growth in the Lahore region including the surrounding small cities that are or can potentially be a part of the metropolitan labour market. It explores the interaction between labour laws and economic growth formally. The aim of the project is to produce findings and recommendations that would provide useful inputs in reviewing or formulating labour policy, economic growth policy, legal policy, governance policy and accountability policy.


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