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Ijaz Nabi Punjab’s Agriculture Growth and the Kisan Package

Pakistan’s agriculture has stagnated from low crop yields and slow progress to crop diversification. Punjab – the province with the most agricultural output – has several structural problems that mire its agriculture sector despite its fertile soil. Ijaz Nabi, chairman of CDPR, outlines these factors in this policy note, and explains the measures included in the province’s new Kisan Package that aims to rejuvenate agriculture in Punjab.

Zara Salman Reclaiming Prosperity in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

The KP Growth Strategy, which is a collaboration between the Governmnet of KP and the International Growth Centre, provides policy makers an analysis of the growth drivers, while taking into account the factors that have inhibited KP’s growth. It highlights the sectors that need to be prioritized in order to harness their full potential and steer KP’s economy to a high growth trajectory, which is pro-poor and inclusive.

Mehroz Alvi Punjab Growth Strategy 2018- Accelerating Economic and Social Growth in Punjab

On the directives of the Chief Minister of Punjab, the Planning & Development Board convened an expert group of economists and sector specialists to assist in the development of the Punjab Growth Strategy. This expert group contributed towards the conceptualization and development of the Framework presented here. The Provincial Government envisions Punjab as a secure, economically vibrant, industrialized and knowledge-based province, a province that is prosperous and internationally competitive and whose citizens enjoy high quality life. Punjab Growth Strategy aims to overcome the key challenges to realizing this vision.


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