Insights for Change – A Narrow Path Out of a Dangerous Place

In its 75-year history, Pakistan has suffered from elevated debt numerous times. This month’s Insights for Change article A Narrow Path out of a Dangerous Place evaluates Pakistan’s debt sustainability, through various approaches such as Classical, IMF, Debt Intolerance and Social Welfare Preservation.

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CDPR X Engro Fertilizers: Sustainability and Food Security

In the latest episode of Let’s Talk Development Atif Mohammed Ali and Amina Bajwa talk about how the fertilizer industry can transition towards a more sustainable model.

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The Big Picture: Navigating the Developing World

In the first episode of the second season of the Let’s Talk Development Podcast Dr. Stefan Dercon and Dr. Ali Hasanain dive deep into the
discussion of global development in the context of developing countries, elite bargains and choosing the right state objectives.

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Pathways to Development Conference 2023

Videos of all session are now available!

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Afghan’s Forced Exodus: Justified or Unwarranted

In the 17th episode of our latest Let’s Talk Development podcast series, Dr. Rasul Bakhsh Rais and Asad Rahim Khan talk about the importance of protecting the rights of Afghan refugees and the explore the causes behind the changes in policies regarding these refugees.

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The Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) is a Pakistan based research and dissemination organization supported by the International Growth Center (IGC). It aims to generate public discourse on key policy issues through cutting edge research and policy analysis.

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