Under the lens: Renewable Energy

In the latest episode of, Rizwan Faiz and Waqas Moosa discuss the current landscape of renewable energy in Pakistan.

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This research was a collaboration between CDPR and Finance for Development Lab (FDL), Paris School of Economics

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Evolution of Digital Transformation in Tax Administration

In the latest episode of Let’s Talk Development, Mansoor A Sultan and Dr. Sher Afghan Asad discuss the digital transformation process and how effectively it can help the provincial tax administration in Pakistan.

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Overseas Remittances and Dutch Disease in Pakistan

This month’s Insights for Change article on “Overseas Remittances and
Dutch Disease in Pakistan”
looks at patterns of emigration and remittances, evolution of economic structures, evidence of Dutch Disease, its root causes and solutions.

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Tale of Two Countries: Pakistan & Bangladesh

In the latest episode of Let’s Talk Development, Dr. Sadiq Ahmed and Dr. Ijaz Nabi talk about the development journey of Bangladesh and how it became a success story.

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The Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) is a Pakistan based research and dissemination organization supported by the International Growth Center (IGC). It aims to generate public discourse on key policy issues through cutting edge research and policy analysis.

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