Education and Health

School Health Programme: A Strategic Approach for Improving Health and Education in Pakistan. (2010). United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

This report is a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and UNESCO and examines the importance of School Health Programmes. These programmes are primarily based on the premise that there is a relationship of quality of learning with the health conditions of students, and that the responsibility of the state is to facilitate smooth physical and mental growth of children for their future role as productive members of the society. They focus on ensuring that schools have the facilities and services that provide a healthy environment and that educate children on nutrition and hygiene. However, further strategic action needs to be taken for the successful integration of health education and services into all schools. This action includes legislation and policy reforms for provision of health and nutritional support to all children in schools, resource mobilization for School Health Programme (SHP) and coordination mechanisms between Health and Education sectors. Therefore, the success of any future country wide School Health Programme will largely depend on the will and determination of political leadership to invest on this important area which will affect health and education of next generations in Pakistan.{5fae829be7f2ac2fe240ef3893666b371329fe804754bc76382cc5045395a053}20Health{5fae829be7f2ac2fe240ef3893666b371329fe804754bc76382cc5045395a053}20Programme.pdf