Bringing Pakistan’s Technology Sector to the Forefront

The Consortium for Development Policy Research held a session of its Lahore Policy Exchange on “Bringing Pakistan’s Technology Sector to the Forefront” on Tuesday, 31st December from 3:30pm to 5:00pm at 19-A FCC Scheme Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg IV, Lahore.

A significant focus of development discourse in Pakistan has revolved around catalyzing growth in traditional industrial sectors such as garments, textiles, and automobiles, etc. The technology sector has made significant strides in increasing its share of GDP, as well as exports. Moreover, an estimated 23000 IT graduates enter the industry annually. As a result, the sector is poised to kick start growth in the country and absorb a significant talent pool in the process.

However, the technology sector faces deep-rooted systemic challenges arising from loopholes in the policy and legal framework due to which the sector has not been able to take off, especially when compared to India and Bangladesh.

To discuss the importance of technology as a catalyst for growth and to create a knowledge base from which to spur further policy debate, the following panelists were invited:

Dr. Farrah Arif, Assistant Professor (LUMS) and CEO EdTechWorx, set the context of the talk.

Mr. Nauman Sikander, Managing Director and CEO of Foodpanda, discussed his experience of running an online food service delivery in Pakistan.

Mr. Zohaib Ali, Co-founder Airlift Technologies, discussed the challenges faced by a startup in Pakistan.

Mr. Salman Amin, Director Entrepreneurship, PITB, discussed how the government is facilitating growth of the sector.

Mr. Usman Khan, Faculty (LUMS), moderated the session.