Role of Renewables in Pakistan’s Energy Mix

Venue: Conference Hall, CDPR

Date: 15th May 2018, Friday

Time: 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm

Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) hosted its twenty-sixth Lahore Policy Exchange, titled “The role of renewables in Pakistan’s energy mix”.

With Pakistan’s growing population and rapidly escalating energy needs, heightened reliance on imported fossil fuels is economically unviable. It is increasingly apparent that a sustainable mix of renewable and non-renewable energy sources of power generation are needed at this juncture. However, each source presents its particular set of practical and political problems. As Pakistan is one of the signatories of the Paris Agreement 2016 for pursuing low-carbon energy options, it should turn to its untapped solar and wind sources for power generation. This would improve energy access and drive social and economic development. Currently, Pakistan’s power mix relies heavily on coal fired electricity generation, but can Pakistan move towards increasing renewables in the mix? The panel discussing this issue comprised 1) Dr. Nauman Zafar (Energy expert and Professor at LUMS) – discussed why solar and wind electrification has not picked up – its challenges and ways to overcome them 2) Mr. Ashar Abbas (Deputy Secretary, Energy Department, Punjab Government) – discussed the government’s plans for increasing utilization of renewables to generate electricity amid the high usage of coal power Usman Khan (Professor, LUMS) – moderated the session.