Pakistan’s Readymade Garments Sector: Challenges and Opportunities

The focus of this study is the ready-made garments sector, which is an important component of the range of textiles that Pakistan produces and exports. Given that production in the garments segment is the most labour intensive, least energy- and capital-intensive and generates the greatest value addition out of all the products in the textiles value chain (viz., yarn, grey cloth, finished fabrics and garments) and thus should play to Pakistan’s strength in resource endowment, what are the prospects for this sector going forward, especially in light of CPEC?

An in-depth exploration of the garments sector, which this study provides, is critical in understanding the state of overall industrial performance and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) firm capability, as well as international competitiveness of Pakistan’s manufacturing sector. It will also help in the formulation of sector specific policies.

This study was funded by the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) (2018).

Key Output(s)

Report: Pakistan’s Readymade Garments Sector: Challenges and Opportunities