Evaluation of Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme II

An evaluation of DFID’s Punjab Education Sector Programme (PESP) is being undertaken in collaboration with Oxford Policy Management (OPM), Institute of Development Economic Alternatives (IDEAS) to gauge the progress of the programme and gauge coordination and implementation bottlenecks for devising a revised action plan where required. CDPR is playing an intrinsic role in the entire process by carrying out the stakeholder mapping and creating the communications strategy to identify, assign and measure the contribution each counterpart.

This study was funded by DFID (2017-2020).

Key Output(s)


Implementing Complex Reforms: The Roadmap Approach in Pakistan

Public Finance to Improve Outcomes



Are More Children Going to School?

Are Schools in Punjab Giving Quality Education?

How Is Money Being Spent on Education in Punjab?

Education Reforms and Community Perceptions

District Education Management


Policy Brief: Policy Brief Inclusive Education For Children Report Final


Survey: How Well Are Children Learning In Punjab’s Schools: Key Findings From a School Survey

Report: Final Evaluation Report for PESP2