Informing the Design of a Conditional Cash Transfer to Improve Mother and Child Health Outcomes in Sindh

Improvements in maternal and child health indicators remain a priority area in developing countries. However, progress in the healthcare utilization during and after pregnancy continues to be a struggle in the south-eastern province of Sindh in Pakistan. To improve the state of health outcomes in Sindh, the provincial government has decided to launch  “Mother and Child Health Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT)” program as a policy response, the pilot of which is underway in the poorest two districts of the province. This project looks at the impact of the cash transfer on healthcare utilization and health outcomes, focusing on the interaction of cash receipt with the underlying norms captured by a household’s decision-making structure and attitudes towards formal obstetric care.

In the second round of investigations the PI’s developed extensive household modules on exposure to flooding,coping mechanisms, sources of assistance, and food security which were added to the survey questionnaire.

The Principal Investigators of this report are Syeda Warda Riaz (PhD Candidate, University of California – Davis), Michael R. Carter (Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California – Davis), and Rashid Memon (Assistant Professor, Qatar University).

This project has been funded by the International Growth Center (IGC).

Duration: February 2022- August 2023.

Key Outputs:

Report: Informing the Design of Conditional Cash Transfers