Minorities and access to Economic Opportunities

Venue: Conference Hall, CDPR
Date: 3rd May 2019, Friday
Time: 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm

The lack of human rights protection makes Pakistan one of the worst countries for religious and ethnic minority groups. These groups are not only marginalized politically, but by extension, also economically. This is because their access to public goods and state services is significantly curtailed underpinned by unequal educational and employment opportunities.

In order to address the widespread institutional discrimination based on religion and ethnicity, the following speakers were invited:
Mr. Ammar Rashid (Visiting Faculty at QAU, Senior Researcher at Heartfile and a petitioner in the Supreme Court case on the right to housing) – talked about the nature of the urban housing crisis.

Dr. Hadia Majid (Assistant Professor of Economics, LUMS) – presented her research on the role of ethnicity in access to public goods.

Mr. Suneel Malik (Manager Programs, Center for Social Justice) – discussed provision of inclusive opportunities for minority groups in Pakistan.

Dr. Amjad Saqib (Founder Akhuwat and Development Practitioner) – discussed how providing microfinance loans to low-income and marginalized groups is helping integrate citizens into the economy.

Dr. Faisal Bari (Professor of Economics, LUMS and CDPR Board Member) – moderated the session.