On 27th July 2023, in a meeting led by Chairman Planning & Development Board (P&D), Punjab Dr. Ali Sarfraz Hussain, and with invaluable support from the International Growth Centre (IGC), CDPR successfully signed an MoU with P&D Punjab. They are now set to embark on a transformative and collaborative journey to devise a comprehensive climate change agenda.

Zara Salman (CEO, CDPR) and Dr. Sohail Anwar (Secretary, P&D) signed the MOU on behalf of their organizations.

At the meeting, team CDPR and IGC made presentations on the importance of addressing climate change with a focus on three thematic areas: 1) sustainable cities, 2) energy, and 3) agriculture and food security. The P&D team also presented the work currently being undertaken as well as planned initiatives to identify areas of synergy between the organizations.