Thinking beyond the IMF- Safeguarding development

Venue: Conference Hall, CDPR
Date: 21st June 2019, Friday
Time: 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm

The Consortium for Development Policy Research held a session of Lahore Policy Exchange on “Thinking beyond the IMF – Safeguarding development”, on Friday, 21st June from 3:30pm to 5:00pm at 19A FCC Scheme Maratab Ali Road, Gulberg IV, Lahore. Pakistan has entered into another financial agreement of USD 6 billion with the IMF for the next 39 months. To meet the conditionalities of the IMF package geared towards macro-economic stablilisation, the government will have to take tough economic decisions that may lead to higher inflation, unemployment and further devaluation. In the short run growth is expected to slow down. What can the state do to minimize the impact of these measures/interventions on overall growth and development and protect the interests of the most vulnerable? In order to provide insights into the latest IMF package, the following distinguished economists were invited: Dr. Hafiz Pasha (Former Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs) – discussed the macroeconomic framework and forecasts of key macro variables Dr. Waqar Masood Khan (Former Federal Secretary for Finance Division) – explained whether budgetary targets can help realize IMF objectives Dr. Naved Hamid (Professor of Economics, Lahore School of Economics) – focused on addressing trade-offs between stabilization and the need for structural change & growth Dr. Ijaz Nabi (Chairperson of the Board, CDPR and Country Director, International Growth Centre) – moderated the session.