CDPR X Engro Fertilizers: Sustainability and Food Security

Season 2: Episode 2

For Pakistan’s economy, farmers are an integral part as 22% of the GDP comes from the agriculture sector. 92% of the farmers are small holder farmers and they are the main market for the fertilizer industry. Encouraging farmers to use fertilizers in a sustainable manner is integral for preserving food security. Atif Mohammed Ali and Amina Bajwa talk about how the fertilizer industry can transition towards a more sustainable model without the support of government subsidies. They discuss how to boost the productivity of small farmers in Pakistan and how to enhance research and development within Engro fertilizers.

Atif Mohammed Ali is the Vice President of Marketing at Engro Fertilizers. He commenced his journey with Engro Foods in 2007 where he established the Engro Milk automation network. He transitioned to the Energy sector with commercial and General Management role in Engro Coal mining company, Engro Energy limited and Power generation Qadarpur.

Amina Bajwa is an economic policy professional with 15 years of experience in the public sector & development agencies. She is currently working as an economist/food security specialist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and has previously served as a consultant to the Prime Minister’s Strategic Reform Unit.