Leveraging Alliances to Resolve Pakistan’s Conflicts

Episode 7

The recent global developments including the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China’s growing regional footprint in South Asia, and the intensifying global strategic competition between China and the United States reinforce new and significant geopolitical trends for Pakistan. Uzair Younus and Arifa Noor discuss how in this situation, Pakistan should leverage its relationships with its allies, including the United States and China, to ameliorate its various internal and external conflicts. They also discuss how the economic and political crises taking root in Pakistan affect the country’s access to world capital for investment and growth starting with the resumption of the IMF program.

Uzair Younus is the director of the Pakistan Initiative at the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center. He also is the Vice President at The Asia Group, where he advises global companies on developing and executing strategies to align their business strategy with public good needs across South Asia.

Arifa Noor is a journalist.

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