Inclusive Growth

Using Religious Institutions For Social Mobilization

To assess whether employing local influential agents (mosques) has any impact in shifting norms on paying for electricity. Funded by London School of Economics Authors: Faraz Hayat, Usman Khan, Tim Dobermann

Kulsum Ahmed, Ijaz Nabi, Sanval Nasim, Farah Said & Amna Mahood The Path to a Successful Pakistan

The Kamyab Pakistan Programme (KPP) was launched by the Prime Minister on October 4 2021 to address low-income households’ vulnerability to income shocks. Under KPP, the government will provide subsidised, interest-free microloans to 3.7 million families over a period of five years to support growth of small firms and farms. The KPP aims to reduce …

Karrar Hussain & Zain Chaudhry The Economic Effects of Shia Sunni Contact

The Shia-Sunni sectarian divide within Islam has recently become of great importance economically and politically, not just in the Middle East but globally. We aim to implement a pilot to increase contact in a very natural setting (mosques) in Pakistan. We aim to and evaluate its effect on beliefs and preferences of mosque-goers about the …

Zara Salman Economic Strategies for Resettled IDPs

This policy brief is based on the IGC funded report, “Economic Calculation and Strategies Among Resettled IDPs (SWAT) and Current IDPs (Peshawar and Bannu), Pakistan”.

Ijaz Nabi Punjab’s Agriculture Growth and the Kisan Package

This Policy Note has been written by Ijaz Nabi who was involved in the discussions on designing the Kisan Package to improve Punjab’s agricultural productivity. The policy recommendations have also been informed by the Lahore conference on the Kisan Package.

Hasaan Khawar Agriculture Sector Opportunities in the Context of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Leveraging CPEC for Punjab’s agricultural development first requires identifying the key complementarities between Pakistan’s supply and China’s demand so that investments are curtailed within those areas of agricultural development. This will enable the mapping of a canvas of opportunities in agriculture for Punjab vis a vis CPEC. CPEC is one of six routes along which …

Khalid Ikram, Turab Hussain, Bilal Siddiqui, Usman Khan, Yasir Khan, Munir Ahmed, Osama Siddique, and Sarah Saeed Reclaiming Prosperity in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa

This project memo outline the goals of the study; to first provide a fact-based picture of the provincial economy (as there are currently no official estimates of the size of the economy) and, based on this, to propose a policy framework to spur economic growth in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Mehroz Alvi Punjab Growth Strategy 2018: Accelerating Economic and Social Growth in Punjab

This policy brief is based on IGC funded research.