Unleashing the Potential of Pharmaceuticals in Pakistan

This study titled Unleashing the Potential of Pharmaceuticals in Pakistan is part of the Pakistan Business Council’s (PBC) Make-in-Pakistan initiative. PBC commissioned this study to Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) with the the primary objective of helping formulate a set of policy recommendations to allow the sector to attain its true potential.

This study, a first of its kind, provides an in-depth overview and analysis of the pharmaceutical sector of Pakistan to determine its future outlook. To date, no dedicated study on this sector has been undertaken, despite its economic significance. A comprehensive assessment is presented that could help Pakistan become a cost-efficient manufacturer of high-quality generic drugs, and potentially evolve into more lucrative product offerings such as super-generics and vaccines. This will require taking key steps today that could help its transition over the next 5-10 years. Through detailed analysis of the bottlenecks at every stage of the pharmaceutical value chain, the study determines the most binding factors that must be overcome to ensure this. This framework of analysis allowed the design of a policy from a competitiveness lens.

This study was funded by the PBC (2021).

Key Output

Report: Unleashing the Potential of Pharmaceuticals in Pakistan