CDPR x FDL (Role of Official Finance, Debt Sustainability, & Cost Disease in Pakistan)

The Finance for Development Lab (FDL) and the Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) collaborated on a series of research papers on the macroeconomic situation of Pakistan, with the objective to shape a possible IMF program.

The goal was to publish and disseminate three studies on Pakistan, with three different angles:

  1. Are Overseas Remittances a Source of Dutch Disease in Pakistan? Authors: Saqib Jafarey, Aziz Khan Maak, Ijaz Nabi, and Irfan Qureshi
  2. Pakistan’s External Debt: Trends, Outcomes and Sustainability. Authors: Farrukh Iqbal and Ijaz Nabi
  3. A Narrow Path Out Of A Dangerous Place. Authors: Riaz Riazuddin and Sajjad Zaheer

This research was a collaboration between CDPR and Finance for Development Lab (FDL), Paris School of Economics.

Duration: January 2023-March 2024.