Syeda Warda Riaz, Michael R. Carter & Rashid Memon Informing the Design of a Conditional Cash Transfer to Improve Mother and Child Health Outcomes in Sindh

Improvements in maternal and child health indicators remain a priority area in developing countries. However, progress in the healthcare utilization during and after pregnancy continues to be a struggle in the south-eastern province of Sindh in Pakistan. To improve the state of health outcomes in Sindh, the provincial government has decided to launch  “Mother and …

Zara Salman and Shehryar Nabi Using Incentives to Improve Performance of Polio Workers

This policy brief is based on the IGC funded paper “Using Preference Parameter Estimates to Optimize Public Sector Wage Contracts: An Application to Polio Vaccination Drives in Pakistan”.

Zara Salman and Shehryar Nabi Determinants of Nutritional and Health Status of Children in Punjab

This policy brief is based on the IGC funded report “Nutritional and Health Status of Punjabi children: Tentative Results and Future Data Needs”.